We Are Experts in Communications Technologies

Video, Audio and Network Communications

System analysis, design and consulting

Proper assessment and planning is essential!  We work with our clients to assess their current and future needs.  Based on that assessment, we analyze their current systems, both operational and technological, to determine if their current capabilities are adequate to meet their needs and desired goals – and what changes (if any) are required to align their capabilities and needs.

We listen to our clients!  We help them develop a vision of what their communications systems can and should be.  This vision includes a view of both internal and external communications.

Case study:  Projection and Display Education Center (PDEC)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur staff was retained by the publishers of Presentations Magazine (Excelsior, MN) to design and deploy a technology training pavilion to be used at an annual training conference and expo.  The purpose of the pavilion was to provide added value to conference attendees by giving them a venue where they could learn more about current and “state of the art” video (more…)

Software development

There’s not always an app for that!  Often clients have special communications needs that cannot be met through the use of a COTS (commercial off the shelf) solution.  Also, the adoption of a new COTS approach requires the client to change their unique “way of doing business” so dramatically that it reduces their bottom line rather than increases it.

We specialize in the development of network/Internet-enabled software solutions that specifically target the control, encoding, decoding, network transport, and/or display of audio and video.  In other words, we can control your Audio and Video content, move it across your network, and display it when and how you need it!

Case study:  Summit Language Learning Labs

Summit_ThumbnailOur software solutions development team worked with communa Technologies (Draper, UT) to create a LAN-base education application to be used in higher education facilities, a focus market of communa.  The purpose of the solution is to provide a highly collaborative classroom environment specifically designed for use in language training labs.  communa has found that there is a strong visual element involved in the effective learning of a language.  Because of this critical visual element (more…)

Multimedia content development

You have the technology – now you need the content!  TCP Synergies provides full-service video and audio production.  We help our clients communicate their message in compelling and captivating ways with the strategic use of audio and video.

  • Training video (for internal training or customer training)
  • Website marketing video
  • Video to augment critical proposals
  • Public service announcements
  • Music video
  • Documentary video
  • Electronic books

Case study:  “I am the face of Ovarian Cancer”

OCNA_ThumbnailOur video production team was retained by the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance (Washington, DC) to produce a series of public service announcements.  Each video segment gives a glimpse into a woman who has suffered from ovarian cancer, and how it impacted her life.  The video segments (more…)

Web presence management

Simply having a website is not enough!  Successful organizations should have a multi-faceted presence on the Internet, and the approach they adopt should be based on the message they need to communicate.  For example, generally the approach to web communications taken by a non-profit organization will be substantially different from that taken by a for-profit corporation since their goals, objectives, and mission statements will be quite different.

We can help you develop your web strategies, and guide you in the implementation and use of appropriate technologies in your web presence.

Most organizations are busy “doing what they do”, and do not have the time, knowledge, or other resources necessary to manage and maintain their web presence in a sustained and consistent manner.

  • Website development and maintenance
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, etc.)
  • Video content maintenance (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Case study:  EasyBizBlogging

Transcribe_Thumbnail The Sales Lion (Annapolis, MD) operates a service named EasyBizBlogging (EBB).  EBB uses our team to work with their clients in the creation of the clients’ blog posts.  EBB, specializing in content marketing, understands that their clients’ time is limited – and they often do not have the time or talents required to create effective blog posts for their web presence.  We provide (more…)

Technology training and executive briefing

Insuring that upper management and other key decision makers are properly educated regarding available communications technologies is key!  The technologies utilized in providing network-centric communications solutions are continuing to evolve and mature.  Allow us to keep you and your staff updated on the current state of these technologies.  Our staff has many years of experience provided training and executive briefings to professional from many different industries.

Many organizations look to members of our staff as “subject-matter experts” in networking technologies, audio and video production and post production, project management and contractor relations, web presence and search engine optimization, and others.  Our staff has provided training and briefing services to US Government agencies, national associations, systems integrators, manufacturers and others.

Case study:  Audio Manufacturer Staff Briefing

Training_ThumbnailOur staff was retained by Shure Incorporated (Niles, IL) to provide technical training and briefing services to their engineering and marketing staff.  The purpose of the training was to provide them with a solid background on the technology issues faced by systems integrators when deploying network-based audio and control systems utilizing (more…)

Technology project management

Putting it all together!  As you can see from the information on this page, developing and deploying a comprehensive communications plan can be a daunting process.  Allow us to draw from the resources we have available to us to take your plan through the entire development and deployment process, from the seeds of an idea through planning, implementation, deployment, management, and maintenance.  We can give your project the consistency and stability you require throughout the entire life cycle of the project.

We will assign to your project an experienced project manager that will keep you informed throughout the project.  This manager will be your “go-to” person to insure that your project receives the attention, resources, and quality it requires.

Case study:  NSCA University Mini Campus

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe National Systems Contractors Association (Cedar Rapids, IA) relied on members of our staff to create and manage the NSCA University Mini Campus.  The Mini Campus was an outreach program the NSCA used to inform and educate its own members and members of related associations regarding current and upcoming communications technologies.  Technologies used in the Mini Campus (more…)