Case Study: EasyBizBlogging

Services:  Blog writing


The Sales Lion (Annapolis, MD) operates a service named EasyBizBlogging (EBB).  EBB uses our team to work with their clients in the creation of the clients’ blog posts.  EBB, specializing in content marketing, understands that their clients’ time is limited – and they often do not have the time or talents required to create effective blog posts for their web presence.  We provide assistance to these companies by streamlining the blog creation process.

Additional Details

Representatives from EBB prepares the client” by coaching them on the most effective content to include in their blogs, and provides aids for them to organize their thoughts.  Our team then assumes responsibility for communications with the client.

We interview the client, who is now well prepared through the coaching process.  We transcribe the interview, and by extracting the pertinent information we write a series of blog posts.  The posts are submitted to the client for final approval, and are then submitted to EBB to be published to the client’s blog site.

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