Key Personnel

Shirley Rae Erickson, President and CEO

  • Company founder
  • Contracting officer for TCP Synergies
  • Executive manager

Dan L. Erickson, Vice-President

  • Executive producer
  • Program management
  • Twenty years corporate management experience
  • Fifteen years program management experience

Abraham Erickson, Creative Director/Content Manager

  • Creative and artistic management
  • Director of Photography
  • Senior Videographer
  • Senior Editor
  • Fifteen years of videography and editorial experience

Jennifer Brennan Erickson, Military Liaison-Public Affairs and Protocol

  • Content creator and writer
  • Contractor/Military Liaison consultant
  • Fifteen years of experience
    • Former Public Affair Officer at Fort A.P. Hill
    • Former Marketing Specialist and Public Affairs Officer at Army Management Staff College (AMSC) at Fort Belvoir
    • Former Community Relations Assistant at Fort Belvoir Public Affairs Office